Xp loses CDRW drive

Hi folks,
I recently built a celery 900 mhz machine, with an Asus tusl2-c board. loaded with Win XP (home)

It has been running good except for two things:
The CDRW is there when booting, but then after a while it will just dissappear. No reference to it in 'device manager'.
Also, to be noted.
I have already replaced the drive once because it was dead, no lights when booting up, cmos didn't see it.
When this problem first began, I merely unplugged it, (ide and power cables) and then plugged it back in, and it started working again.

Another problem is that the PC takes a long time to access the CDROM drive. XP will sit there with an hourglass for about thirty seconds before you can do anything after clicking on the CDrom drive.

Just curious if anyone has any ideas, before I dive in to this thing.

Thanks in advance

Rick Z.
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  1. Hey, I just encountered a somewhat similar problem. My XP machine was running perfectly fine, and then one day I noticed that my computer no longer recognizes my DVD rom or CDRW .. no device manager icons for cdroms or anything. I don't know what happened. Let me know if you have any ideas, I haven't had time to figure it out but will try to next week :( I'm wondering if the motherboard just died or if it is a software problem?

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  2. Try going to add or remove hardware. My Artec CDRW dissapeared on night just like you guys. Went to the ad remove hardware interface, and it found it real quick.


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