Good gameing/havey work load router.

ok i have been having some issues with my linksys E2000 router not able to use my full internet connetion speed of 100mbps it weill go up to may be 50 or so. i have belkin n750 that i use as well i like it but it has a few things missing that just dont do will for what i need it to like port rang forwarding and that like. it does support my 100mbps line that was only real plus for me with it.
need a good working router that i am able to put dd-wrt on it and i can spend about $150 to $170 on a good router. i have look around on the web but still looking for a good one.
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  1. since you want to use DD-WRT you kind of narrowed it down to Netgear and ASUS since none of the Linksys EAxxxx models will work with DD-WRT
  2. i have been looking at netgears and d-links but was shfit to netgears hear that they are good routers.
  3. Picking routers for dd-wrt is mostly going though the list of supported routers and finding one that has the memory you need and then comparing the chipset and the clock speeds. Pretty much the chipsets in the router is more important than the brand on the outside. Most people do not know about buffalo routers but these many times run the same chipset as the more well known guys.

    I think the current favorite on dd-wrt forums is asus rt-n66u but it only runs the very newest build which tends to mean more bugs

    Be very very careful selecting routers. Many routers USED to work great for dd-wrt until the manufacture updated them. Some of the linksys ones changed chipset between version 1 of the device and version 2. The only way to tell was to look at the serial numbers which you could only see AFTER you opened the box.
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