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I have noticed ever since I got my Thinkpad T530 brand new with Windows 8 a couple months ago, I often am unable to shut down or restart the computer. While it sometimes works, the errant behavior is common and pretty consistent: it goes to the black screen with the tumbling circles and the words "restarting" or "shutting down" with the little tumbling circles going round and round forever. I also often see my HDD light on solid for a long time during the process... even 30 mins or more, which I found very unusual, but even after it stops the screen doesn't change. I usually just leave the computer in sleep but obviously sometimes I have to power it off or restart if I want to install something.

I don't have many programs installed, and nothing that unusual or invasive. the most invasive programs are probably Norton Internet Security 2013 and Classic Shell, and perhaps Adobe CS3.

The only way I am able to turn it off when it does this is just hold down the power button and when it shuts off the hdd makes a somewhat unsettling noise. Am I damaging my computer by doing this, and is there any way to fix the problem? Thanks in advance for your help.
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  1. You should try opening Task Manager and start killing tasks, see if you can find the one that is causing the hang. The reason for stalled shutdown is because something is still running. NIS and CS3 shouldn't be causing the problem. Do you have random pre-installed software or some quick launch bar that is installed?
  2. make sure your bios on the laptop has been updated for windows 8. most mb and laptop need bios updates for how windows w8 works.
  3. smorizio said:
    make sure your bios on the laptop has been updated for windows 8. most mb and laptop need bios updates for how windows w8 works.

    But his laptop shipped with Windows 8. He didn't say he upgraded
  4. Not familiar with classic shell. Have you tried disabling/ uninstalling it and seeing if that fixes it?

    Have you tried the default Win8 shut down sequence rather than the classic shell option?

    If you can confirm that classic shell isn't the problem then maybe RMA it, NIS could cause it if it is constantly running full scans in the background everytime you shutdown. Usually this will bring up a prompt box asking if you want to cancel the scan and will hang the shut down until this is resolved. Try disabling NIS?
  5. dear
    open your task manager and check any program running in back ground.

    some time windows itself updating ,that have to take more 1,2,3, minute .and also updating weather ,news ,microsoft cloud service like sky drive and so many programs running back ground, these programs eating your data and increase your internet charge also.
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