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I just added a second HD for backup, and of course this means a new drive letter D: which is placed just after my primary drive C: I want the new HD letter to be placed at the end of the primary drives letters. Does any one know how to change a drive letter? I'm using WIN98. I know if I created only logical partitions on the new drive, that would fix the problem. But I want to dual boot to the new drive, so that means a primary partition. I've spent hours online looking for fixes, found only one reg hack, which didn't work. Anyone have any suggestions?
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  1. You <b><font color=red>cannot</b></font color=red> change <b>Harddisk drive letter</b> in Win98 (only removable drives, such as CD-ROM, ZIP).
    As I remember, by default, Win98 sets all Primary partitions on first letters eg. C, D), then extended partitions next.

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  2. You can use this in 95, 98, and ME
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  4. I know you can change the letter with partion magic, but i dont know if partion magic works with 98. go ahead and try though
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