Lost internet access after reset

Hello, after reset to factory settings of my Acer 6930 I have lost my internet access.
Tried wi-fi and ethernet but neither find my router.

Router working ok as I have my desktop running.

Any ideas please
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  1. In the device manager, do the Ethernet and wireless adapters say that they are working correctly or do they have yellow exclamation or just are not there. You may need to reinstall those drivers.

    If they are okay, then you need to go into your adapter settings and insure that Windows is automatically obtaining an IP from the gateway, unless you have them specifically set up in the router with static addresses, then you would need to enter those in the adapter settings.

    Also with the wireless, you will need to set the correct security type and re-enter the security key.

    What Windows version, Win 7?
  2. Hi thanks for getting back to me,

    Device manager showing Drivers missing for;
    SM BUs
    3 Com dual pak.

    As I cant download from affected laptop could I download to mem stick on my PC then transfer to laptop?

    If yes where would I find the drivers to download.

    Running Vista home basic.

    Cheers u a *.
  3. Acer support: http://support.acer.com/product/default.aspx?modelId=571

    I think that is your model, but double check it -- and check all your other drivers, as you may need others.
  4. Looks like the ones I am looking for, will try them over the week end.

    Many thanks Pete
  5. Update----installed drivers you suggested and all back working fine.

    As you probably guessed I no computer expert but learning bit by bit?

    Would have been lost without your input-

    Many thanks for your time and expertise- best wishes Pete
  6. Great! We all start at the beginning. :)
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