Sharing internet connection over two computers using router

My ISP provides static ip based internet connection. I have setup my D-link DWR-113 router to access internet through it. I have also turned on DHCP in the router. But when I try to access internet using both of my computers simultaneously it doesn't work - none of the computers is able to load a webpage. And when I leave one computer I am able to surf without any problem. What can be the issue?

Please help me.

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  1. Just to be clear, the router is set up with the static IP address, right?
    Do you need to log into your ISP?
  2. Yes, that's right. I have put in all the ip details in the router. After doing this I need to access a particular link to put in username and password (It is more like a captive portal - but it is not private - it is the only way provided by ISP to access internet). Does this help?

  3. OK, your ISP will need to help you with this, but there may not be a way around the login.
  4. I tried asking my ISP to help me out but they said they don't know anything about this which seems strange to me. They said to look for solution on the internet. This is a common problem with ISPs in India. The issue is not that which computer I use to login - it does not matter because both the computers are getting connected to the internet, the issue is not being able to access internet simultaneously using both my computers. I can see the ip addresses assigned to both the PCs in the router. What extra configuration - if any - do I need to do in the router or in the computers?

    Any help please?

  5. Your ISP seems to be set up to only work with a single PC connected and logged in at a time. They are the only ones that can help.
  6. How does my ISP know whether I am using two PCs to access internet at the same time since the internet connection is made through the router? How do they know the number of PCs connected to the router? Also, shall I make the MAC addresses of both the computers identical to do this?

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