SB Live 5.1 Problems

My friend just installed a SB Live 5.1 card I got him for xmas and he gets these errors when he tries to run these programs:

For the voice_tweak.exe for Half-Life:
An error occurred during DirectPlay Voice setup. The error code is 0x80004005.

For the Test Hardware under "Sound Audio Properties/Voice Tab in teh control panel:
Windows Cannot Execute DPVSetup.exe, Use Add/Remove Programs Control Panel to Install

He gets sound fine, except those errors. He is unable to use voice in HL and windows voice. His system is:

AMD Athlon 1ghz
512 Ram
Running WinXP Pro
DX 8.1 then installed DX 9.0

We have done EVERYTHING from reinstallign to chaning pci slots to upgrading drivers. We also installed Direct Play 6.1. Nothing works.. we did uninstall his old card and the new one the right way...removed from Device Manager and used Add/Remove Programs for the drivers. Can anyone help ?!?
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