Boot up problems - hard disk problem? PLEASE HELP

Please, please help.

I just got a new computer with WinXP on a Maxtor NTFS hard drive. I inserted a Win98 start up disk and deleted the only partition. I created another one and formatted it as a FAT32 partition.

Now these are the problems,

1. I boot up and there is no display on the monitor,
2. I boot up from the start up disk but the hard disk seems to make loud clicking noises,
3. I boot up when Win98 is installed but it freezes during the POST somewhere after the memory test

I will be very grateful for any help, I used the WinXP OS for about 3 weeks, so could it be a virus? Does formatting a hard disk remove a virus?


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  1. I would hazard a guess that your drive is ahving problems, due to the clicking noises. You should download and run maxtors drive utilites and get the disk checked out.

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