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ASUS RT-N56U Media Server

January 9, 2013 5:54:45 PM

Hey everyone. I've done some extensive searching online for help with this and have yet to find any concrete information. I have the RT-N56U router set up and one of the main reasons I chose this router was the ability to have a network drive/media server. I formatted my hard drive to FAT32 and plugged it into the router. I ran the AiDisk utility, set up the server center, and installed the media server through the routers GUI. I have the drive mapped in windows so I can access it, and I am also able to access it through the FTP link that ASUS sets up for you. Currently on the drive are a bunch of files and folders that were put on when I installed the Media Server through the GUI but I have no idea what they mean or where to begin putting videos, music, etc.. I basically just want to be able to stream media to my PS3, iphone, and ipad or have them available to download away from home. I previously had just the AiDisk set up and my PS3 would recognize the drive and allow me to play movies but they would always get cut off during the movie. If I unplugged the hard drive from the router and plugged it directly into the PS3 I could watch the movie with no problems. Is anyone familiar with this router and the best way to set it up? Unfortunately ASUS's user manual and website are useless. Thanks in advance.

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