very stupid question here....

i just bought 2 sticks of corsair pc-3200 c2 extreme ram. ive never uses this before and was wondeign about the black metal covering thats clipped on. is that supposed to stay for heat dispersion?

....the crows seemed to be calling him, thought caw....
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  1. Yes

    (BTW: No question is stupid...ummm..Well most arn't. Your's wasn't.)

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  2. lol... whew, ok thanks.

    ....the crows seemed to be calling him, thought caw....
  3. Why it will not run at DDR400?

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  4. it WILL run at DDR400
    wusy you've got to stop telling people that "it won't run at DDR400 speeds"
    DDR400, first of all, does not even exist, so ANY TIME people mention DDR400 it's ALWAYS DDR333 overclocked
    what you're saying is like "you're buying a P4, but you know it won't run at P5 speeds!"
    P5's don't you're really comparing it to nothing
    when people buy DDR400, it's irrelevant that what they're buying is DDR333, because the chips will run at DDR400 speeds


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