Can I have just 1 of my computers connect using a VPN?

I have a question about using an Asus N66U router with a VPN service like hidemyass. I have a cable modem--->N66U----> four computers connected to the N66U, one of which is my HTPC. Is there a way to configure the router so the HTPC can connect to it and use the VPN (hidemyass) while the other computers connect to the internet without using the VPN? If I cannot configure the router to do that, I do have another slightly older Asus with tomato I could use. Would I set the older router up with the VPN, connect my HTPC to it, and then connect the older router to the N66U?
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  1. Most VPN services have client software which can be installed on a single PC if you wish.
  2. Maybe I'm not using the right terminology, sorry. What I'm wanting to do is be able to use a service like tunlr so I can watch shows like BBC while outside the UK. Acording to their web site I have to change the DNS to one of their addresses. So I would like to be able to do that with the HTPC, but not my other computers that are hooked up to the router
  3. Well I was able to get it working. I had to set the DNS address in the HTPC and was able to get BBC and some US shows to stream, so all is good. For some reason I thought it had to be set up on the router side (although I guess you could do it that way as well).
  4. I am glad you solved it!
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