micro ATX 200W???

I'm going to set up a semi-portable pc for live audio use. I want my system to be more powerful that the best laptops.
However, I want it small (19" rackmountable) so that's why micro ATX. I found a nice, small desktop case but it comes with 200W power supply!!! (it says P4 ready...)
Here's my system:
at least 2Gb P4
1024 DDR333RAM
2x fast IDE drives (8mb cache) and a RAID card (or SCSI)
maybe Intel's D845GERG2 micro ATX board
St-audio's C Port 2000
15" TFT
I have a feeling that I'd need at least 300W ps. What do you think about my system in general? Can one update microATX power to 300W+ ?
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  1. im starting to think that standard power supplys you can buy highly over estimate the voltage they can actually handle. a p4 would normaly need 300 watts, but from what voltage? most dells i have seen, p4 and p3 only have 150 watt power supplys. im not sure how that works.

    my computer is so fast, it completes an endless loop in less than 4 seconds!
  2. Maybe Dell only counts the maximum wattage on a specific voltage rail and not the sum of them all?

    My PC eats so much money that I'm in 'desperate' need of it to buy PC3500 RAM, help Svol with his OC project!
    --- PM me for information.
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