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HELP!!! im dumb i dont know wat i did! lol

  • Windows XP
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March 29, 2002 3:28:19 AM


I need some major help. My computer went crazy. I dont know why, but for some reason all my mp3's and mpeg's all turn into VBScript Script File's! Strange, and they open with Microsoft windows base script host. When i search for this prgm, its not there! Also, all these mp3 files are still there, becuz when i try to burn a cd, i can choose these songs which have turned into these scrpit files. If u need more info, just tell me... cuz i wanna fix this thing fast!

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March 29, 2002 3:52:51 AM

Pretty sure you got a virus there.

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March 29, 2002 4:27:03 AM

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You may be able to change all of your files back manually. Do a search for *.vbs and find out which ones are mp3's. then change the .vbs to .mp3. It'll really be cool if you have 800-900 mp3 files. I'd write a script for you but your not using *nix, someone here may be able to do something more automatic but I doubt it. After all this mess I recommend reformatting your C: drive and then installing a virus scanner.

Good Luck

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March 29, 2002 2:58:33 PM

thats exactly what the iloveyou worm did. your pictures are gone, your mp3s are just hidden, delete all the files with vbs, and tell your computer to show all hidden files. and you will have to edit the registry to delete the kernal32.vbs from the run key. or just install a virus scanner.

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March 29, 2002 4:26:35 PM

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