Use travel router to share wifi signal in hotel

We rent a condo during the winter. Wifi is provided by hotel. But they limit number of connections. We have our 2 laptops with us plus a Blackberry Playbook so normally OK (4 allowed). But friends and family come and visit and they have smartphones, laptops etc and we get kicked off the wifi. It takes hours before the system resets and we have to tell our guests to turn off their devices!

I purchased a travel router (TP-LINK WR700N) because of this problem. It says it can be used as-is, but I don't see how. I have asked TP but they were not helpful.

The problem is that a computer is required to log on to the wifi network. Have to fill in username, password and then agree to terms. Router cannot be programmed to do this.

One way I thought I could do this, is:

- Laptop receives wifi. We sign into hotel system.
- Use ICS or a bridge connection to send the internet signal out the laptop's LAN port
- Set up TP-Link as router via an ethernet cable.

In this way, TP router should act as hotspot for connection by other devices.

I have tried to do this with Windows 7 on our home wifi network using ICS and also a Bridge. But I must be doing something wrong. In case of bridge I never got it to work at all and with ICS it worked for a short while and then stopped.

I think I need step by step instructions to get it right!

I have also tried Connectify - a software solution that receives wifi and rebroadcasts using different SSID. This works, but signal is weak.

Any ideas? I can't be the only one with this type of hotel log-in problem!
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  1. Not to worry - got it working. Set TP-Link up as Router with mac cloning on. Then set up bridge between laptop wifi & LAN adapters. TP on different subnet from main router.

    Checked using ddwrt page on main router and no matter how many devices I add on TP SSID, only one device shows up being connected.

    Still to be proven in hotel setting, but should work.
  2. Hi Agent99,

    I am about to face a similar problem with my hotel room. But I am not as well versed as your are with networking. Would you be able to give me more details on how to do this? Also, is it possible to do it on an airpot express?

    Kind regards,
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