Mice in the hard drive?

Hello, I work at a computer repair shop and a customer brought in a computer, and when I cracked open the hard drive (it was an IBM) Egyptian Mice came running out. I sprayed them with a fire extinguisher and I do not know what caused this. A quick phone call to IBM got me the answer that occasionally Egyptian Mice will come from the drive.'

Anyone experienced this before? Thanks
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  1. Haha, sounds funny. Sorry this is not a solution or an experience, but can ya explain what 'egyptian mice' are?
  2. /me rolls eyes...

    You and anyone else experiencing this should visit a Psychotherapist ASAP. But first things first, shut down your PC right now and never ever come back here trolling like this.
  3. Egyptian Mice are similar to regular mice only they have a greater tendancy to scurry about. Anyone had a Egyptian Mice problem from an IBM drive?
  4. Are you just spamming this thread like all the other ones?

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    It was funny the first time, but damn! Too many!
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  5. I think i had some that took out my 60GXP.
    It was them that made the scratching noise!!!

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