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Hello, I have charter broadband connection and need to connect 10 to 12 devices (4 TVs, 4 laptops, 2 smart phones) via wireless network. What is the best way
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  1. do you have a wireless router?
  2. Yes I have one now but it's not sufficient to handle all the devices I need to connect. I'm looking to buy a new one but not sure what to buy. Thanks for the help!
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    When connecting many devices to a wireless router your issue is not going to be whether all the devices can connect, but more likely whether the router can handle all the traffic...
    You could connect 10 devices easily to any wireless G (54Mbps) router but if they all connect at the same time and the traffic increases your speed will probably drop significantly.
    I would suggest atleast a 300N router with MIMO, possibly a dual band router.
    No need to spend a load of cash, there are decent priced MIMO routers available on the market.
  4. Thanks ngrego, I will look for the router you describe. Appreciate the assist!
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