How to install a netgear n600 as a wireless repeater

Hi there!
I am having trouble setting up my Netgear N600 dual band wireless router as a repeater to my Lynksys EA2700 (main wireless router).

I am doing this because the main wireless router is in the "Man Cave," as I am a girl- I call it simply "The Cave." Anyway, the range on the N600 is supposed to be great. But from where it sits to where I sit and use my laptop or tabel is about 250 feet and goes through about 5 platered walls- so super thick.

It drives me crazy because the connection sucks and I can't use my wireless blueray player to it's full potential.

Please help!

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  1. I would hope you really don't mean 250ft. That is a huge distance. Most the time you are lucky to get wireless signal to go 100ft.

    You want to place the repeater in a location that it can receive good signal from the main router and still provide good signal to end devices. This in general is 1/2 way between. In your case you are over 2 times the distance most wireless will run well. You would need to run multiple repeaters which tends to not work very well.

    I would look into powerline bridge devices that use your electrical power to extend the network or MOCA devices that use tv coax if you have it. Best of course is ethernet cable. In all these cases you would run the second router as a AP.

    If I remember right that netgear can only run repeater mode with no security or wep. This pretty much will leave you open to hackers so you may want to buy a newer router/repeater that can run WPA2...assuming you still go with a repeater solution.
  2. if you have a WNDR3400 or a WNDR3700 you can run DD-WRT firmware which will allow you to use WPA2 wireless security mode.

    you are really trying to bridge the distance of a football field?

    outside that would not be a problem but with 5 walls it could get a little hard.

    you might have to see if 2.4GHz or 5GHz will work better to connect the two routers due to the thickness of the walls
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