Windows 7 vga driver 86bit free download

i want windows 7 vga driver for dell latitude D610
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  1. you shouldnt need to download it it should already have one build in look at the manufacturers website for any drivers that you might need for the monitor but windows 7 has quite a few drivers ..
  2. what you mean is you need is a video driver for your dell latitue D610(OS is 32 Bit)
    (x86 is not 86 bit but 32 Bit)
  3. you don't need drivers for this particular model.. W7 carries drivers for this
  4. Hi :)

    Dell support...

    All the best Brett :)
  5. i've just formated my hp 625 laptop and now it doesn't detect the external display.. it's a philips 231E1, on W7 32bit, if it helps. i can't understand why before it did found it but not now anymore. i've also had this problem in the past but somehow i've solved it.
    do i need a vga driver or what?
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