2 routers together not working

I have tried setting up two routers in my home network. I have Netcomm N300 NB304N provided by my ISP(1st router) and a linksys WHR54G(2nd router).

I have flashed my linksys with DD-WRT firmware while my 1st router is on its default firmware, i have not configure anything on my first router but my 2nd router is set as indicated in most internet articles but seems to be not working. I don't want this two routers connected via wirelessly. I have a Belkin Power AV so I can connect them via cable from LAN port of 1st to any LAN ports in 2nd. Any recommended and working configuration on it? The PC connected in second router seems not getting IP on 1st router and no internet connections.

Currently I have setup this two router on different subnets(1st router LAN connected to WAN of the 2nd router and devices connected to 2nd roter has internet connection. both DHCP is enabled. so as expected, devices in 1st router can't comm with those on 2nd. another question, if I have Belkin Homebase(with USB HDD and printer on it) in 1st router, will it be accessible by the devices in 2nd router in this two subnets setup? any configuration that I have to set if i want this homebase be accessible in two subnets in any case I connected it in either router?

Any help/inputs would be appreciated.
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  1. The wire going to the second router wants to be connected to it's lan port and not the wan port.
  2. inzone said:
    The wire going to the second router wants to be connected to it's lan port and not the wan port.

    I tried that as I mentioned in the first part of my post. I tried putting them together as indicated in most internet article i have read: connect the two routers via lan ports, disable dhcp, amke the IPs of the 2 routers on same subnet. but no luck.
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