Choice of speakers, Altec Lansing or Logitech?

Got a choice of 2 5.1 setups, wanted to know which is best.
2 choices :

1. Logitech Z640 5.1 Speaker - 67.00 on new egg
2. Altec Lansing 251 5.1 Amplified 6-Piece Speaker System

my sound card : c-media 5.1 card (similar to the herc 5.1 card)

Currently I am using a 2 speaker + bass Labtec setup for the rear channel, and 2 Peavy (Dell) speakers for the front channel (Quadraphonics man...). I want to go to a new setup, with a dedicated center and sub, but dont have much to spend. these 2 are defiantly in my range. I listen to a lot of death metal and some lighter stuff like tori amos, and do a lot of gaming and DVD watching.

Now I am partial to Logitech, as I have used a few of their items with no problem (keyboars, mice ect..) and like the idea of hooking the thing up to my gamecube for a ripping metroid prime session, But I know Altec Lansing makes a good system too.

Anybody here have these? Im looking for the pros and cons of each.


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  1. from what i remember the Z560's are awesome, but i absolutely love the KLIPSCH setup.. alittle pricy but godman worth it

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  2. From what I have heard, they are good, but like you said, pricey. I dont have the cash to put down on those, and I figure these will last a while for me.


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  3. Don't know much about speakers and sound cards and whatnot, but I have the Fortissimo III card and the Z640's and they rock. Awesome sound, great price at NewEgg. Don't have a complaint at all. I've had no sound problems or quality issues on games or DVD's since I've had them. Been about 2 months or so.
  4. thinking im goinging with the logitech's. Had a chance to try them out at best buy side by side , and like the low end of the logi's as well as the mounting brackets


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  5. The altech 641 has a better sound quality than anything logitech makes, and a better sound range. The Logitech have to much bass and no treble adjustment.
  6. I agree about your "too much bass" comment.

    I've got a set of the Z-340s, same subwoofer as the Z-640s, but only two satellites. It does produce too much bass, even at it's minimum setting, unless you move it out of the corners and at least 18 inches away from any wall. If you do this it sounds sounds great.

    The bass never sounds distorted. There is just too much of it, unless the sub is positioned as I described.

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  7. yeah, I ended up getting the 64o's and the bass can be a little much for some applications, but I thought they sounded better when I got to try them out at the store side by side. I will try what you recommended about moving the sub, see how that fairs.

    Now can anybody tell me about my problem with DVDs? I play any DVDs in 5.1 mode on my c-media card, and I hear all ambient sounds, and muffles voices. Thats with POWERDVD 4.0 full. Now with win media player, I can only get stereo. Should I try another program? Should I go with WinDVD? Or should I look into picking up a soundblaster or Turtle Beach?


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  8. Yup, the bass is great in FPS games (nice explosions) but just too much in music. I mentioned the speakers don't sound distorted just too strong. I've been wondering if the bass control is a simple POT that can be changed.

    The sub does sound great when moved 2 feet from the wall but I would prefer it against the wall, and out of the way.

    Can't help you with DVD sound. I only use 2.1 speakers.

    <b>99% is great, unless you are talking about system stability</b>
  9. Yes, I think Initially side by side at the store the logitechs make a better first imprssion, just for the power factor, but when your at home and you want to hear some nice music, the altechs shine.
  10. If I had a million dollars I would buy me some klipsch's but I don't. I have a pair of logitech z-540s and they are very nice tho they deliver wonderful sound and the first day I plugged them in after yanking out my old cambridge soundworks I cried. seriously these are amazing speakers, I play all kinds of music and each sounds beautiful. these speakers deliver great bass too, the woofer is a godsend.

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