Router/internet problems

Current set up..
Apple Mac connected to Lan 1 on Netgear DG834PN router via ethernet,
Tp-Link 200 Mbps connecting from Lan 2on the Netgear to a Tenda W311R+ on Lan 1in another room to provide wireless capability.

I somehow with my limited knowledge managed to set everything up and for a day or so seemed to work. Im now experiencing dropout both on the mac and the tend. I have tried to eliminate the problem by disconnecting everything but the mac but it still seems to happen.
Really struggling now so would appreciate any help. Not sure if i should have the tenda as the main router?
If it makes any difference the broadband supplier is TalkTalk
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  1. You have half your answer in the post you submitted...:-)

    If, when only your Apple Mac is connected to the router directly via a wired connection, you get drop outs (and I assume you mean you cannot access the internet), then try the following:

    1. Power off/on router.
    2. ping the default gateway (your routers LAN side IP address)

    If you can ping the router then the issue is with your ISP.

    If you cannot, make sure your PC has an IP address (I assume your using DHCP)

    Can you ping your own IP address? if so and you can't ping the default gateway, check the ethernet cable or try another port on your router.

    Also check what speed/duplex your NIC is set to. Try Auto, then 100/full, then 10 full. Most modern routers LAN ports should auto negotiate to the highest speed.

    Once you get the Mac working, then try to re-add your other connections, but it sounds to me like your ISP is the culprit.

    Hope this helps.
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