I have a couple problems

First problem. I recently install windows 7 from a usb onto my 60gb ssd and everything started fine I installed and the driver software and updates from the cd's that came with the mobo and GPU my proble now is that every time I turn my computer off or reboot it will ask me if I want to select a serial ATA drive Y/N?
my mobo is an asrock z68 ex3 so i can get past this if i press f11 when promted and then select the 60gb ssd and windows will start right up. So what I'm asking is how do I get it to start right up without selecting it? This is my frist build btw.

Now for the second problem, when windows is on and i go to my computer it only shows my ssd under hard disk (the one with windows installed to it)
and my 1tb hdd is nowhere to be found i checked the sata conections and everything seems to be in order im just stumped
all help is greatly appreciated

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  1. Go to bios. Hit delete during post and go to boot order. Set to always boot from ssd first.

    Missing drive may be a sata port turned off. While in bios, look for sata options. Make sure they are enabled and use ahci for better performance.
  2. could you go into a deeper explanation im really bad with the bios and stuff
  3. ok i got it to boot straight to windows but im still missing my hdd
  4. Missing drives are either physical connections, or settings turned off. In bios there is a setting for the sata drives. Some board have two settings. One for the manufacture, and one for the chipset amd/intel. Make sure they are enabled.
    Then boot to windows, if it doesnt see it, try to look for it in disk management. Right click on my computer and go to manage>disk management. It might be as easy as right clicking the drive and assigning a drive letter.

    Good luck :)
  5. double check to see if its really missing..

    control panel> administrator tools>computer management

    Click on disk and see if the drive is there and initiated. If not, initiate it and assign it a letter.
  6. thank you! i found it
    one more stupid question
    its show it in disk utility as disk 0 and it says unallocated
    i right click and it give me the option to convert to dynamic disk or to GTP disk
    which do i do?
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