Apartment with no wired connection available.

So I recently rented an apartment with no access to a wired connection. I have called 3 internet companies to come out but they have all said it would be about $300 for new wiring. I have also tried a mobile hotspot from verizon but they only have a 5gb and 10gb data plans when we use 1gb a night. If you have any ideas that would be wonderful. Thank You
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  1. The apartment doesn't have a telephone line? Even older wiring like by house built in 1989 supports DSL, if you cannot find a cable company that can install cable modem and are not in an area with CLEAR http://www.clear.com/plans/home/?intcmp=home:t1-a: plans-home (take out the space ahead of the p in plans to find the site, toms makes it a smiley face otherwise) then you will have to go with DSL.
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