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Grand theft Auto 4

Grand theft Auto 4

i have widows 7 X64 ultimate(3gb ram,dual core 2,9800gt)

i cant install the Game!
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  1. 1.Open DVD
    2. Open GTAIV Folder
    3. Right Click on Setup > Properties
    4. Go to the compatibility tab
    5. Tick: Run this program in compatibility mode for:
    6. Choose Windows XP (Service Pack 2) from the list (NOT - WINDOWS VISTA WON'T WORK)
    7. Ok
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    if you want to gain more FPS I recommend installing the Official V1 patch from Rockstar Games

    This link will also solve your problem!
  3. that a lot lol
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  5. Have you got your game installed successfully??
    Is it running fine?
  6. Thanks for selecting mine as Best answer :)

    You are always welcome to this forum with any kind of system problems! :)
    We are here to help you any time :)
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