Fresh build w/ W7 but huge partition is missing

Hey everyone,

My friend and I just put together a new build and used windows 7 x64 bit. Upon inserting the windows installation disk into the drive, the basic windows procedures took place. It then asked where we wanted to intall the windows operating system. We decided we wanted to partition his one and only hard drive (a 1TB Seagate at 7200rpm or so). We chose a 100GB partition to be the primary drive where the operating system would be installed. Windows also created a 104mb drive for system files or some nonsense. That left a 900 GB partition that would NOT have windows 7 installed on it. Everything installed, PC booted up and when we open windows explorer, the 900 GB drive does not appear. Maybe it has not been formatted? All that we see is the 100 GB partition as the only hard drive space when in actuality he bought a 1000 GB drive. No clue where the other partition went. Any help?
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  1. You only told Windows to create one partition. You still need to create a partition for the remaining 900 GB. Here's how you do that.

    1. Click the start button.
    2. Type "disk management" without the quotes.
    3. One of the results will be "Create and format hard disk partitions." Click it.
    4. Your disks will be listed in the top pane, and in the bottom it will show their partitions. Your 1TB disk will have a large partition labeled as "Unallocated." Right click it and choose "New simple volume." Accept the default settings for all the menus, just keep clicking next.
    5. You're done! Your remaining 900GB is usable.

    Now you'll need to remember that a 1TB disk will not actually have 1TB of space, due to the differences in how your computer reports space (the correct way) versus how disks are marketed (using clever counting to inflate numbers). You will have slightly less space than you expect. This is normal.
  2. What are you seeing when you look at the HDD using Disk Management?

    Open Computer Management by clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking System and Maintenance, clicking Administrative Tools, and then double-clicking Computer Management.

    In the Navigation pane, under Storage, click Disk Management.
  3. yup yup! these guys nailed it on the head. disk management was what i needed to find. Thanks alot WR2 and willard!
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