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I undersand this may not be the ideal sub-catagory to post this in but as I looked through I didn't see one specifically to house my current issue. This being the case I went with an OS forum. Anyways some background info, I'm currently experiancing some delay with my internet as of late. I own 4 computers and only this one is experiancing these problems so I'm assuming it's a system issue. I've ran defrag, disk cleaner, malware bytes and AVG (the most recent free-ware versions) to no avail. Ironically video games, etc. run perfectly on this rig as they always have but I'm noticing a delay in my internet browsing as I explained.

Now I'm aware this could be due to spyware, etc. that my anti-virus software isn't equipped to catch yet but when you take every precaution that you can think of it leaves you wondering; I'm a computer technician by the way so I would like to think I've considerd a lot of options here but I'm still being eluded by a real solution.

Spec-wise I'm running Windows 7 64-bit, I think 6 gigs of ram, an Nvidia 8400 gs or something card, etc. It's a year or two old system, the only actual purchased system I own as I usually just throw them together with bare bones kits. Oh and a dual core processor.

Anyone able to think of any solutions that I havn't? Also I have my internet options to delete browsing history, cookies, etc. upon closing windows so that shouldn't be an issue either.
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  1. i would first start by seeing if there are newer network drivers for your mb or your wifi device your using. i would check the network settings for the device power savings and speed. if your using a wired connection..swap your cable it might have a kink or a bad pin. one thing you want to do is use the ping command on your pc to pin a web page like google and see if you lose any packets..or if it slower then the other pc. web browsers today use the cache files to speed up your browser. on web pages you go back to on a daily web surf. if your browser clears the cache but the other pc dont there going to be faster because there loading a web page from disk..ram. one thing also to check if your using wifi that it not it open you have leachers. the last thing that slow down a group of pc if someone torrenting or dowloading a lot of files. on most routers if you dont set the max speed that a pc can use so that everyone has the same banthwith..your pc could be the short one. i would also check your router that it has the newest firmware. also if it an old g unit they have newer n with gigbyte ports on them for faster speeds.
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