Windows problems on first build?

Ok, so i just built my first gaming pc, Went over to bestbuy and bought windows 7 full. Things were going fine until i had to verify my copy. I put in my code, it said it was fake. I'm sitting here So then i retry a couple of times and notice it says "activate online" so now im thinking yeah ok i need internet. Went over to my router and connected the pc to it throught ethernet cables. Still no internet? Google the problem and saw some threads on this website and read about drivers, went into my drivers and saw i dont have an for "bcm20702a0, x2 ethernet controller, network controller, pci simple communications controller, sm bus controller, x3 universal serial bus (usb) controller.

Anyone have any ideas? i would really appreciate it as i spent over $2000 on this system and i am starting to freak out. :sweat:
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  1. Did you install the drivers from the CD that came with your MB?
  2. well it seems that you have another computer that is connected to the internet so i would just plug in a USB flash drive and download the drivers onto it and then plug it into your new build and download the drivers and that should do it =) hope this helps.
  3. Like others have stated, go download drivers for your network card.
  4. Hmm it sounds like you need to install the drivers for your network adaptor so you can verify your windows.
  5. your also missing the drivers for the mb chipset.
  6. I would have thought your motherboard came with a driver disc , this will have the updated drivers that you need to get some of the additional functions off your motherboard beyond the drivers that come bundled with windows.

    If you dont have a disc with your motherboard , because you bought it second hand or somthing like that , post the serial number and make from the motherboard and ill do my best to find the driver suite you need.

    As for the windows activation issue , if you really find yourself unable to do an online activation you can force a telephone activation prompt ( where you call microsoft and get it sorted out), by typing "slui 4” into the start menu's "search programs and files"

    best of luck
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