Lost internet connection after Windows 7 update

So my son was in the middle of one of his blood bowl league games this evening and a popup asked him if he wanted to install a Windows 7 update. He's only 12 and inexperienced enough that he didn't just tell the system to wait a few hours until he could finish his game, so he told it to go ahead and instal. The result was his near-instant loss of internet (as well as his game, as he was timed out and his opponent got the win).

Even more serious, after the update was finished and his computer was restarted, he still cannot get an internet connection. I've tried rebooting, complete shutdown and then reboot, and asking the computer's internet tools to diagnose/fix the problem, all to no avail.

I read about running a system restore (restoring to an earlier version of windows), but when I tried I learned that that aspect of his system had been shut off.

I know there must be SOME way to fix this problem, but I can't think of what it might be. Even if the problem is due to the new Windows version, he has no way to download a fix for it because he has no internet connection.

What can I do?
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  1. you could try downloading the network adaptor drivers from the manufacturer's website.
  2. were you using any antivirus?
    wired or wireless connection?
  3. The computer in question is running AVG antivirus (the free version).
    It's on a wired connection.
    To nhasian, do you mean the network adaptor drivers for the computer or the router? Also I'm not sure how to download the drivers if the computer isn't connected to the internet.
  4. Also, quickly -- I just tried a "clean boot" and that did NOT take care of the problem (internet connection still gone).

    I've noticed other people complaining about similar situations over the years, but nothing regarding this update that happened today.

    I'm at a loss.
  5. You said this was a windows7 update, then you could try to uninstall the update by going to Start ,Controlpanel, Programs and Features, the click on View Installed Updates , try to uninstall the last update.
  6. have you tried power cycling your router?
  7. or your ethernet card may have some problems and that coincided with the windows update..
  8. My son turned his internet back on by opening internet sharing center and clicking on "change adapter settings". I have no idea why that worked, but it did.
    Thanks for the advice everyone.
  9. ok cool :)
    mark as solved.
  10. Windows update sometimes update driver, some driver may conflict with existing one or software that used them (like bundled soft in laptops/ pre-build pc)..

    Usually by uninstall the updated and reinstall it will fix it... (sometimes it just crash your windows........ than revert from safe mode/reinstall/image disk will needed)
  11. I had the same problem. I booted up in safe mode with networking, and this restored internet access. I did a system restore to the point before the last auto update, and then all was well. Just downloaded the updates again, and so far all is OK.
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