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I just signed up for Time Warner - Road Runner internet service. I am currently hardwired via ethernet to the new cable modem (arris cm820) while I wait for my wireless router to arrive.

The internet appears to be working fine (good speed), however, it stalls without fail every 3 minutes. It will freeze and no pages will open (FYI, it does not open a "you are not connected to the internet" page, it simply just sits there trying to load any and all pages). After about 5 minutes, the pages will suddenly load and the internet will work fine for another 3 minutes. Then, it will freeze all over again. Rinse and repeat. When this happens, the modem shows no physical signs of disconnection (all lights are on as normal) and network diagnostics on the mac shows that that the ethernet is still connected as well.

I tried calling Time Warner and all they could say is that it "looks fine from our end, watch it for 24 hours and call back." So basically they knew nothing.

Any suggestions? I'm sort of at a loss. I reset the modem, switched out the wires, replugged and plugged everything in (etc). Help!
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  1. ISSUE FIXED: The ONLY way i found that fixes this common TW issue is to call level 3 tech support at TW, tell them to put the modem in bridge mode, and then plug your own wireless router into it and only connect to that. not sure why this works but it does. thanks and GL!
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