Need help with choosing a wireless router

So setting up wireless internet in a relatives home. They're just looking for something cheap that will get the job done. Spent some time looking around online and came across a few similar priced routers, but would like some pro advice on which one would be best.

D-Link Wireless-N Home Router (DIR-601) @ $19

TRENDnet TEW-711BR N150 @ $20

NETGEAR WPN824N-100NAS @ $25

I was leaning towards the netgear simply because I've heard of them before and the rebate seems to make it a better deal (so guessing it's a better router so for $5 more why not). Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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    I buy a lot of routers, and recently I used several of the TrendNet that you linked as APs. I would recommend them highly for use as an inexpensive wireless router.
  2. Thanks! Also found it at my local microcenter for the same price so I can get it set up right away :)
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