Multifunction Printer suggestions pls! (I like HP2

Hey, while we're on the subject of tech talk, any suggestions for a printer?

My ooooold BJC-2000SP bit the dust a few days ago (well it was like 6-7 years old)... so looking at multifunction printers.... (need photocopier and fax)

I've got in mind HP 2210 or 2410...

2410 cheapest I've found ~$410
hp psc 2410 photosmart all-in-one printer/fax/scanner/copier - Print: up to 21 ppm black & 15 ppm colour, up to 1200-rendered dpi black & 4800 x 1200 optimised-dpi colour, up to 3,000 pages per month duty cycle; Scan: up to 19,200 dpi enhanced & up to 1200 x 2400 dpi; Copy: up to 21 cpm black & 14 cpm colour, enlarge/reduce 25 to 400%; 1 USB2 port. HP PhotoRet3 & 4 image technology standard. Colour LCD screen. TAKES MS PRO

2210 older model ~$235
basically same printer/fax/scanner/copier - prints 17ppm black/12ppm colour, 1200 x 2400 black, 1200x2400 colour, no fax memory, no copier memory. HP photoRet3 tech standard, 4 optional photo catridge extra. DONT THINK IT TAKES MS PRO

Well, home photo printing will prob never be as good as the professional printers and I dont foresee myself printing all that much out in photos - so for those I want to will send to the photo lab to get professionally done... (easier to email ppl the happy snaps).... so photo printing maybe not be my main priority... MSPRO compatibiltiy not vital either - will be hooked up to my computer and I'd rather be able to play around with the pic first than just plug in the MSPro and print....

So is the 2410 worth the extra $180 for better photo printing, USB2 port, fax memory, copier memory and MS Pro compatibility?

Opinions pls!
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  1. I've seen the PSC 2410 at $279 in club type stores. Walmart currently lists it at $298.

    I've used a PSC 2210 and I currently have a PSC 2510 (nearly the same as a 2410) on my desk. The 2510 is the 2410 with ethernet and wireless adapters built in.

    1st, the PSC 2210 does have fax and copy memory, who told you it didn't? The memory was either 16 MB or 32 MB I can't remember which but it is listed as having a fax page memory of 60 pages.

    The PSC 2410 is faster and has a slightly better print mechanism. It will also accept an optional duplexor for 2-sided printing that the PSC 2210 will not.

    I'm not sure what you mean by MS Pro. Are you talking Office or Windows. In either event what one will take the other will as well. They are equal in this respect.

    Another thing to consider is the card slots. The PSC 2210 only accepts 4 types of cards, where the PSC 2410 accepts all the newer card types. You may want to verify that your photo card types are supported.

    Print quality on both is excellant though slighly better on the 2410/2510. Prints of photos are nearly impossible to distinguish from professional developed photos. They also last much longer without fading when printed on good paper. The Wilhelm Insitute has done testing on this.

    Both are also very good at copies and scans. The scanning mechanism appears to be the same on both models.

    In the end I would do a detailed analysis of the product specs for both models. The PSC 2410 will do some things the PSC 2210 will not.

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