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Dear all

i just get problem when i connect a computer into domain, i was following the instruction like usually but when i ping the DC it's not work but when i ping another computer it's work. i was disable ip6 and firewall but it's not work too.
Any one can help me my mail (email removed by moderator)

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  2. What edition of Windows 7 are you running? Are you able to ping the domain controller from any other computer joined to the domain in question? Does the affected computer actually join to the domain, or is it simply unable to ping the controller? If it can't join the domain, what error messages (please retype the message or messages verbatim) are you getting?
  3. actually i can't ping my DC ip but i can ping another computer in network.When i ping DC i get request time out. I was disable ipv6 but it's still not working. My DC using windows 2003.
  4. jhartanto said:
    actually i can't ping my DC ip but i can ping another computer in network.

    I was asking if you could ping the DC system from another computer, any other computer on the network. If you can't, then you need to check on the DC system. Perhaps it needs a reboot...
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