Is a dual wireless router necessary for streaming hd video

We have a Sony Bravia TV to which we'd like to stream HD video. Currently have an ANCIENT (10 years old!) router that needs to be replaced, but I'm not sure what to buy. I work from home, so I use the internet all day long. The router is in the basement and I'm on the 3rd floor and currently get a good enough signal from it. The TV is on the 2nd floor. I read an article on PC Mag about a dual router - using the 500mbs for the movies and the other band for everything else. We have a couple of tables that get used off and on during the day as well.
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  1. 500m is a huge number. Obviously it is not streaming from the internet unless you have lots and lots of money. This must assume you have a video server someplace in your house pushing the stream to the TV. The only way to make this work is to use a switch with 1G connections and ethernet cable. There is no wireless around that can run that fast. Even the ones that claim things like 450m and such only work over very short distances.

    Now for more moderate video use there are designs that recommend have a separate wireless network for the video and the data.

    The problem is the router manufactures intentionally mislead in their specifications. There are very very few true dual routers. This in effect means you have 2 complete radio units in the same box. The vast majority only have a single radio and switch frequencies and bands very quickly a virtual dual radio.... Most do a very poor job. The most cost effective way to do this is to buy 2 actual routers and set them to different channels. Something like a Asus n66u actually does have 2 radios but one is 5G only and the other is 2.4G only. So this would not work if your equipment could not also be assigned to 2.4 or 5 based on your needs. I don't know if there is a consumer router that can run 2 radios on 2.4g...there are a number of commercial ones that actually have 3 or even 4 radios.

    I suspect if you are using a 10yr old router you are still running B band. You will need to upgrade everything to run N and I suspect you will get ok performance with any of the newer N routers.....this assumes you really aren't running 500mb/sec video

    Since you work from home and do like to stream video it may be an option to go with one of these wireless routers that are linked here. Interesting enough they have gigabit wireless and that may be something that you would be interested in. This is not cheap and may end up costing quite a bit but it's something that you can look into and see if you want to go with. Besides the wireless router you would need to get an adaptor or two for those connections that you want to have the highest speeds.
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