Installing Windows 7 OS on an SSD

So I just made my first ever build and it went off without a hitch. I decided to go with a Crucial M4 64GB SSD for the Windows 7 Pro OS, MS Office, and the Adobe CS5 suite; and a 1TB WD caviar black drive for the vast majority of other program files, user files, and the like.

That is all fine and dandy in theory. But I guess I realized after the fact that I don't know HOW to do this.

I installed Windows 7 Professional x64 on the SSD. Everything was fine. Now I want to make it so pretty much EVERYTHING besides the OS is on the second, mechanical HDD and I can't figure out how. I've googled and googled and I can't get it. I want all user files (My Documents, the Desktop, everything) to be on the mechanical HDD too.

I found one post that directed me to go into RegEdit and edit the registry files so the default Program files location was the other drive but that resulted in the computer no longer working so now I had to format and re-install the OS on the SSD. It has been an awesome few hours... :-/

I am desperately trying to figure this out, I feel like this is an incredibly common thing to do now days so I feel like I'm just missing something, but whatever it is, I am completely lost.

Thanks in advance for the help, you all at TH have never let me down when my computers are in need or I was picking out builds!

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  1. Just create a Program Files folder on the HDD, and whenever you install things, install them in that folder.... now to switch where default folder locations are e.g. Documents or Pictures...

    Right Click the folder, select locations tab, and move the folder to the desired location and/or drive.

    also, I don't know why you'd want Windows XP, I don't believe you can pass the TRIM feature to keep your SSD like new and avoid degredation...but anyway here is a good guide you can look at , although it's mostly meant for Windows 7 installation :
  2. It's called backup... backup those files to external and open up SSD's OS and upload backup...
  3. legendkiller said:
    It's called backup... backup those files to external and open up SSD's OS and upload backup...

    mmm.. that's not exactly what he wants to accomplish, his question is related to organization, not creating backups.
  4. Go to they have videos to show you how to move files and load files on drives other that C. They are in tech support section. or tou can go to youtube also.
  5. just rember to read the installer when you download something or install it. by defatct the program going to look for drive c:.
    you have to do a custom install or change the path of the installer.
  6. What programs are you installing that do not ask you where you want to install them? I can't think of any program in recent memory that didn't let me select where I installed it. As previously suggested, you can find ways to move the programs you've already installed, but moving forward you need to actually read what is presented to you when installing new programs.
  7. I have found the articles on before. I guess I really just want it to be seamless and easy. I don't want to have to browse to choose the destination folder each time I want to install something or download something.

    Ismaeljrp: I'm not trying to install XP... It is Windows 7 Professional. But you are right, I'm not trying to backup.

    I guess I'll try the guide on, but it just seems very complicated for what I'm trying to do.. I feel like this should be just a few button clicks and bam, all user files and program files are migrated over to the new drive and from then on it is the default... Oh well...

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