How much data does skype chat use

My room mate is blaming for the overage fees in internet this month. Would my skype chat on for 2 hours a day have caused this?
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  1. What do you mean chat...if you mean text type chat it is almost nothing. If you mean video then it can get up to 1/2gbyte a hour. Skype also uses some bandwidth 24x7 it should also be very small but it adds up.
  2. I have my skype account on and I use the typing chat only. She's saying the internet company is blaming that for our huge bill? I'm shocked as I thought it used very little. I do sign out of it. It may be on for 2 hours a day. Thanks for your reply though
  3. Sounds like a bunch of garbage to me. Even if you don't log out of skype it only eats a few hundred kbytes a day. I doubt it would eat even a 1m sitting idle. For text your number of bytes is not going to be much more than the number of characters you typed. Sure there is some overhead but it is tiny.

    Mostly I suspect the ISP or your roommate is not telling the truth. Skype is very hard to even detect. It looks like random ip addresses and random ports. Sure they can see the main connection to the skype site but no traffic runs over that. Even if you would find a active skype connection the traffic is encrypted so you have no way to tell it was really skype it could be any program.
  4. Well, once again thank you for your response. This morning she has disconnected the internet and things are ugly. I had done some other research and heard the same thing. I've also put in an e mail to the provider to ask the same question etc.
    Oh the drama.
    Thanks and have a great day!
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