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Hi guys.

Im thinking about moving my computer from my office into my bedroom, but my computer does not have a wireless adapater. (By the way i already know that the wireless signal from the D-Link DSL 2740B in the office isnt good enough to provide a strong internet connection in my room anyway). I also use my phone, tablet and xbox on this wireless network but they get a poor wireless signal because they are even further away then my bedroom(they are in my little brothers room).

So i went out and bought a D-Link DSL 2750B, in the hopes that i could plug it into the phone jack in my room and then plug my computer into that in order to achieve a wired connection in my room(but on the same network). I know however that you cant have two routers on the same phone line so i was thinking i could just turn off the DHCP service on the router in my room. Would this work? Could i then connect to the internet in my room via a wired ethernet connection to the router in my room? Would this router in my room also broadcast the current network wirelessly so that my phone, table and xbox get a better signal?

If this doesnt work im going to have to swap the new router for an internet-over-powerline system, which i dont really want to do because i dont know how reliable/fast these systems are. I also dont want to do that because the router was relatively cheap, whereas those systems are more expensive.

Thanks for any help and insight you guys can give!
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  1. You cannot put 2 DSL modems on the same phone line. You might if the wire is high enough quality use it as ethernet. You need to disconnect it from the phone lines and then you need to find a way to connect it between the rooms. Older houses it won't work but newer ones use data cable. It a cheap thing to try just a couple of rj45 socket adapters for the cable.

    As you suspect the powerline stuff has issues just like wireless. When it works it works very well but in some houses it just refuses to work. Anything with a small motor in it tends to causes issues. Be sure to buy from a place that will take a return.

    The only other option is called MoCA and you would need TV coax between the rooms to run it. This tends to be expensive but works well for data but can block some of the DVR functions on some systems.
  2. Hmm do you mean try connecting the computer directly to the phone socket with an ethernet(rj45) cable?

    Yes its looking increasingly likely im going to have to take it back and swap it for an internet-over-power system. Would this system have more lag than if i was just to buy a 20m ethernet cable and run it through the house? Obviously buying a long ethernet cable is my last resort because it is messy and doesnt help my xbox, phone and tablet lag situation.

    Anything more expensive than an internet-over-power system is off limits sorry, so i guess MoCA is out. It sounds complicated anyway.

    Thanks for your help so far john-b691
  3. Pretty much it will work or it won't. You may have to force it to 10m but that is still faster than a lot of peoples internet.

    If you could run a ethernet cable part of the way you can put a AP on the end of it to send the signal the rest of the way via wireless. Any router can be a AP see the sticky on the top of the forum.
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