Wireless network card not detected after installing new hardware- was working fi


My wireless network card is not detected by the system and wont show up in device manager. the green light on the back of the card is still blinking, so it is getting power through the mobo. Wireless network card was working perfectly before swapping out my video card for a new 7850 and swapping out my RAM modules. The drivers are Up to date. I'm running windows 7 and the wireless network card is an atheros AR5005GS.

I don't understand why installing new RAM and a new video card would affect this?? I didn't touch that card, and have double checked it is still seated properly.

I have no other way currently to connect this computer to the Internet. Hopefully someone can help me out.

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  1. Solved- just removed the card, booted up, shut down, reinserted card, booted up and it worked. Probably should have tried that an hour ago =x sorry if I wasted anyone's time but my own.

  2. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    No solution to a regular problem is wasted on here. :D Someone will Google that problem and find your answer at some stage in the future.
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