boot + lockups + PSU problems

ok lets start of with some specs:
tbird 1.33ghz
Radeon 9700pro
256mb pc2100 ram
an insufficient 250watt power supply (tried to install a 550watt but didnt work, see #3)

I owe a bit of background, problems #1 and #2 occured soon after installing my radeon 9700, but not immediately after.

Problem number 1 - Boot problems

When turning on my computer the majority of the time the thing will power up, make a little HD noise but not boot up, the monitor stays on standby, and the usual beeps such as floppy drive beeps dont come on. After quite a significant amount of turning the computer on/off it will finally boot normally, but this often takes over 8 attempts.

Problem number 2 - Lockups

When playing games, 2d or 3d (more frequent in 3d games) I am prone to lockups. I will be happily playing alone when suddenly the screen freezes and the whole thing locks up. games where this have occured are: medievil:total war, half-life:natural selection (mod), morrowind, and others.

Problem number 3 - New PSU installation

I assumed problems #1 and #2 could possible be down to insufficient power, well I obtained a 550watt PSU, apparently manufactured by q-tec. My attempts to install this and get my system to power up seem to be futile thus far, I plug in power cables where there were power cables with my old PSU before, and yet when I try to power up the PC, one of two things happens:

1) nothing - It doesnt turn on at all, no power goes in
2) short-term power - It starts up for roughly a second, the fans spin around, and then the power cuts out

I have been told something is shorting it, but how this can be possible I am unaware, I can remove it from the PC case and connect it up externally with it touching nothing but wood and it will still not behave, if that does sound like the problem please explain how I may be able to fix this.

So please, if anyone has any suggestions as to how to fix any of these 3 problems please say, I have asked for help from many, but thus far no one has given my satisfactory solutions or suggestions I'm hoping here maybe someone may know
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  1. Problem 1 and 2 new power supply and maybe a reinstallation of windows would be nice but latter is optional. Problem 3 you get a new power supply or maybe take it to a TV repairman to try and repair. Hope this helps.
  2. The thing to do in this case would be go back to basics...
    put the motherboard on a piece of foam and try booting it up with the bare essentials installed: The mobo, CPU, ram and a graphics card.

    If you can do that, then you build up from there.

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