How to connect two routers to one modem

I have one cable modem and a cisco Ea4500 router which still cannot connect wirelessly to my wife's computer at the far end of the house. This computer is attached to my router with Cat five wire. but, to extend true wifi thoughout the house, I'd like to use that cat 5 to connect to a NEW ROUTER AT HER COMPUTER, AND HAVE IT SLAVED TO MY ORIGINSL CABLE MODEM AND ROUTER SET UP. thus bringing one wifi signal throughout the hous. What is the process of slaving the routers?
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  1. I pretty much have the same setup as I have a large two story home with a bedroom over the garage that has trouble getting signal. I ran an ethernet cable to the second floor and connected another wireless router. There was nothing special I had to do and it just acted like it was connecting to an internet source and provided wireless signal to the second floor.
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