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i have problem. my local area connection is hard to connect directly, if i first start my computer. i must to disable, and then enable continuously until it connect. it status is unidentified network or cable not plug. it cant connect internet directly when i start computer. ip and cable is fine. please help me.... can i connect internet directly when i start my computer?
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  1. interesting, you seem to have similar problem I have. Before I reinstalled windows I got lot of times sign as unidentified network. I know I could fix it sometimes with making new connection - where you have local area connection adapter somewhere must be option to deal new connection, the by fallowing steps you create it.

    It will not fix error, but it may fast up connection sometimes.

    If you have unidentified network it means you have connection.

    Sometimes it may be firewall issue too if you have blocked internet connection to some kind of application.
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