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record promotion

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December 11, 2004 7:42:49 PM

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Attention: Record Labels

Is the cost of hiring a professional promotion company too far out of your
reach? Do you need to structure a reasonable budget that will cover
incorporating your record label, obtaining your own unique bar code, studio
time, mix-downs, mastering, manufacturing 12-inch vinyl, cassettes, CD
single and albums, being able to do all your promotional mailings, phone
call tracking, pay salaries and everything else required?

Answer this one yourself - Do you think anyone will work your record harder
than you? The number one reason new and existing independent labels can't do
this is because they either don't know how to (or where to) send their
promotional products. Wouldn't it be nice if YOU could have access to the
same commercial, college and mix show radio stations, radio consultants,
record pools, independent and major distributors, retail chain stores,
Billboard Reporters and magazine listings as the major labels and
professional promotion companies?

What if you could get your hands on all those listings and other valuable
industry information, along with how to get your next release into the right
hands and point your label in the right direction?

NOW it's possible to do it yourself, with the right "WHO", "WHERE" and "HOW
TO" tools to get the job done within a reasonable budget. The RECORD
PROMOTION GUIDE provides all you need to promote your next release on one
easy-to-use CD. Each listing includes names, addresses, contact persons,
phone, fax, email addresses and web sites (where available) and can be
printed... more information than found in any industry "How To" or yearly
published music information source book and/or directory. Remember; "NO ONE

The ultimate music industry information source tool and must-have for every
record label. Get your record label on the right track. Several categories
with information on Who, Where, and How to get your new release pointed in
the right direction. It's all there, everything you ever wished you could
get your hands on. Manufacturing, mastering, legitimate internet music
download providers, college, commercial and radio mix shows - (CHR top 40,
Jazz, R&B, Dance, Hip-Hop, Pre-Teen radio listings with names and
addresses), international licensing, independent and major distribution
company locations, retail listings, Billboard Reporters, magazine locations
for reviews (special section for hip-hop magazines) and much more.

Please visit the Record Promotion Guide web site at for more information.


Order your copy of the "RECORD PROMOTION GUIDE"

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December 11, 2004 7:42:50 PM

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On Sat, 11 Dec 2004 16:42:49 GMT, "Tony" <> wrote:


....and get your friggin' SPAM out of this NG! OK, everyone...fill his
mailbox full of BS!

January 17, 2005 5:38:38 AM

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Don't believe a word this DeserTBob says- his name is BOB SCARBOROUGH,
he's an unemployed sickly old man from ARIZONA, who has nothing better
to do but troll Usenet. He's on the government cash cow collecting
welfare and disability checks, so naturally he attacks any conservative
platform he can.

This DesertBoob guy purchased a VHS tape from me on ebay, then returned
it complaining, I gave him a new tape, then he left negative feedback
disguised as neutral.

He then bought an alignment tape from me for $40, he made a copy for
himself, then returned that also for a full refund. That's the kind of
snivelling weasel this guy is.

He has FIVE EBay usenames, they are DESERTBOB- DESERTBOB1-

he runs up negatives on a username, then moves on to another username-
he buys stuff and doesn't pay, then makes "health problems" excuses in
feedback for not paying- you would be wise to BAN him from all your
auctions, he's more trouble than he's worth dealing with

BE FORWARNED- AVOID BOB SCARBOROUGH- he destroyed the train and 8-track
collecting NG's, and he'll destroy this one as well