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Hi 2 all!
I have an internet connection with 3 unique ips provided by my isp. is there a possibility where 10 people can play on the internet (mohaa, battlefields 1942, age of mythology) using these 3 ips?

I know how to rig up a working lan (done that often!), the problem is that every1 needs a unique ip or is there something i'm missing? if so please tell me.

Answers would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. HI,
    I don'T really understand what you mean but I'll try to help. You don'T need to have all different IPs to play online. You need to hook the PCs on rooters so they'll have the 192.168.0.X adress. You only need one adress though.

    If you have DSL, you can connect all computers through a ->regular<- hub while the hub is connected to the external modem through the WAN port. Every computer then dials through raspppoe and gets it's own connection and IP. I used this methode for a year and had no trouble from my ISP. Then again, i don'T see why you want every computer to have it's own ip. Just use a router and one IP.

    Hope it helps

  2. I've got a dialup connection shared on a total of 2 computers over a lan, and I can play battlefield 1942 on each. On dialup it's laggy as crap, but it proves it can be done

    It's all good ^_^
  3. I''ve played SoF2 online at a small LAN on a public server with four people sharing the same (cable) Internet connection, worked just fine. Some of our cdkeys were the same too, but I'm sure you would never do that, right? :wink:
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