In dire need of advice for AMD computer!!!

Hello everyone on THGC! I've been told that lockup/freezing problems are some of the hardest problems to troubleshoot, but I've tried everything that I could think of and I am now desperate. I'm relatively new to the unbelieveably fun hobby of assembling computers so be kind..

System Info: Windows XP Pro running on a Soyo SY-K7V Dragon Plus (266Mhz FSB, VIA KT266A chipset), AMD Athlon XP 2000+, Mushkin PC2100 512MB DDR RAM, 2 Seagate 40GB 7200RPM ATA100 Barracuda HDDs, Terratec DMX 6Fire 24bit/96Khz soundcard w/ frontside rack, VisionTek GeForce4 Ti4600 128MB DDR, Liteon 16x40x DVD drive, Liteon 40x12x48x CD burner, and a Realtek LAN adapter that came with Road Runner.

I assembled this computer for use as a gaming/home recording system. But recently Ive been having some serious problems with my computer locking up and becoming totally unresponsive when running various apps. 3D Studio Max locks up after 20 or so minutes of use. Online games like Aliens vs. Predator 2, Ultima Online Third Dawn, and Quake III Arena keep freezing up my computer after 3-10 minutes of logging onto a server. When I am downloading multiple MP3s or downloading an MP3 while playing another MP3 through Kazaa (Napster-like app) it locks up. And most recently single player game Alice locked up. What's really bizarre is the fact that I can't get Road Runner to work with any LAN card other than the one that came pre-packaged with the Road Runner service (i.e. the Realtek card). I've tried using the onboard LAN that came with my Soyo mobo, as well as a NetGear FA311 LAN card. Neither one will work. (For the non-Realtek cards, my computer tells me it's a proxy server/settings detection problem, but I don't know what that means) I have downloaded the most recent drivers for all of my components except for the video card. For some reason, the most recent Detonator drivers Nvidia released for their GeForce cards causes certain apps to auto crash/reboot my system. I also downloaded all the current fixes for Windows XP. Through some basic troubleshooting I've managed to rule out the Terratec soundcard but that's it. That still leaves the mobo, CPU, memory, HDDs, and video card. I must have reinstalled my OS and reformatted my HDDs at least 10 times! I still think it is a hardware problem of some sort, perhaps a LAN card problem or a bad memory problem...but some of my friends say it could be software related. I've had it up to here and i'm about to start flaggelating myself out of self loathing so please, any advice would be great.

*Stressed Out*
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  1. put this in the cou forum or other forum you will get alot more people looking at it that way.

    more people = greater chance of gettting your problem sloved

    what is better then a 7000 rpm, a 8000 rpm delta. to cause more noise to kill your ears :smile:
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