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Hi all

I just bought a $400.00 photo printer and need a nice digi camera. I have always been fond of Kodak, but I'm not sure about digital cameras. I'm not sure if I should just get a digi video recorder - so I can film my neice's soccer games and I would like to take that and be able to take pictures and record things. I don't really want it to be more than $300-$350. So, what would you guys recommend?

Gary Hendricks
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  1. since u have an a decent photo printer, y not gettting all savvy buy purchasing canon powershot g5 5.0 megapixels! well if u really want to cut down to save look for some sony cybershot cameras. they are pretty decent.
  2. In your price-range, the Canon Powershot A70 is excellent (3+ megapixels). It has manual features that you don't typically find on a P&S camera. It'll give you a chance to really learn photography. Just remember that megapixels aren't everything.
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