OpenGL wont work with Windows 7?

Hello everyone!

recently I upgraded my OS from Vista Ultimate to Windows 7. everything works smoothly, but every time I run counter-strike 1.6(STEAM) and changed the video mode form software to OpenGl the game crashes and sends me an error message that says > The specified video mode is not supported. The game will now run in software mode.

i've been trying to fix this problem for a while, and i can't really get it fixed...
my pc specs>>

asus p6t x58 motherboard
intel core i7 920
corsair xms3 2x1Gb
nvidia Geforce gtx 280

thanks...I hope you guys can help me out with this problem.
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  1. Hey arkzer! I think Microsoft has lessened support for OpenGL, since they're trying to push their own DirectX (of course!). Why do you have to run CS in OpenGL mode anyway?

    In any case, are you using the Vista drivers of your video card?
  2. [rant]When are people going to realize that Windows7 is still an RC and not an actual retail production version?!?! And, people wonder why not everything works right in Win7...[/rant]
  3. I had bad issues with W7 and OpenGL out of the box but solved them by simply installing the latest WDDM v1.1 driver. You could try updating, if you haven't already, using the search online function under device manager display adapters, update driver or try
  4. It may need to update directx. There is a good program that determines which version of directx i opengl, and immediately provides links to official sites for updates. Prog called OpenGL Viewer, you can download here OpenGL Viewer
  5. Same problem, but instead of nvidia i have ati radeon 4650...Any suggestions?
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