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I would like to ask a question concerning internet writhing jobs. I heard that a lot of website owners buy articles for about 1 dollar per 100 words, but how do i come by those opportunities?
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  1. Start by getting yourself published. Starting small and beginning off by working for free (in your free time) would get something out and online with your name on it. Trying to go from a completely unknown writer to a paid columnist is almost unheard of without prior experience.
  2. Where would one go to start off small. Are there sites that will pay for articles and such and would you know of any sites?
  3. Most often if you find a site that looks for community interest (IGN.com is an example), then it's a great way to get an "in" with the company. You could start off writing something you're passionate about that the community is interested in for a website, then perhaps someone will notice you or you'll be able to join a media company (like the parent company to tomshardware for example), and then you're set! Note that this might take a while though, as your mileage may vary.
  4. Thanks I will try that? What is a parent company of Tom's Hardware? Thanks for the information I will check into all that.

  5. If you have to ask what the parent company of Tom's is your in trouble, you need to learn how to do research and use the internet. At the bottom or menu parts of a site look for the about us or company selection. Often bigger sites are owned by parent companies and it may take some work to find out who to contact.

    Search the site and find out how the company works before trying to get an in with them. Troll the forums and answer questions you know things about but never come off as a know it all or smart*** and only be helpful when you now what you're talking about. Always be professional in all your dealings even with forums and sites you have no plans to work for, opportunities may come from the most unlikely places and once something is on the internet it may be there for ever.

    It takes a lot of hard work to write and get your name known, you need to plug away for years to get knowledgeable and to get yourself recognized.
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