Wireless can ping but not browse windows 8

new windows 8 laptop, wired connectivity works fine, wireless connects but can't browse. Can ping ip addresses and websites dns but cannot browse.
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  1. Have you setup your wireless network and entered in your network password ? With a wireless router you can always connect by ethernet cable but when it comes to the wireless you always need the password.
  2. Yes, wireless password was entered properly and accepted. Wireless shows that it is connected and says that it has internet connection. Tried multiple browsers but still not able to browse the internet. And what is weirder everything I could possibly want to ping will ping...
  3. Hi
    I have the same problem with Win 8: ping is working fine, but I can not browse on anything. I also have other computers in the house with Vista and Win 7 and they are working just fine.
    The proxy is set on auto and Windows Firewall is deactivated.
    Can you please advice how did you fix the problem ?
    Thank you
  4. Same problem here! Yesterday I bought a brand new Asus ultrabook with Windows 8. Its connects to my wifi, I get a ip address, I can ping outside but I cant browse. Tried IE and Chrome. Strange thing is dat when I connect to the hotspot on my iphone, I can browse! But not when I connect to my WiFi at home. This problem is dryving me crazy. Anybody got this figured out already?? :o
  5. Hi
    My computer is also new, with not much installed on it, therefore I resolved my problem using the option Refresh your PC that comes with Win 8, option that cleans a little bit the OS leaving the personal files intact like photos. Everything came back to normal afterwards, browsing like nothing happened. I still can not figure it out the exact cause, but for now this is the solution I found. After the refreshing process, you will find a folder on your desktop called Removed Apps with all the applications you installed so far.
    I hope it helps!
  6. I had this same problem, and I was able to fix it by going into advanced sharing settings and turning off password protected sharing. after doing that, my computer takes a little bit of time, but after about 30 seconds, I refresh my network and it shows all of the computers on the network.
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