Windows 7 extremely slow after fresh installation.


My PC is bit ancient, but I'd say it should run Win7 with no problems. It is HP (spec here:)

I have upgraded it to 4gb ram and I also have Radeon HD 3850 inside.

I have installed Windows 7 on a fresh SATA drive, and it runs extremely slow and jumpy. When I open "My Computer" it does it but it loads it in at least 15 seconds. Most of the windows are really sluggish. Any idea why? Is CPU just too slow or is my Radeon causing problems?

I forgot to mention, installation was kinda jumpy too, all the drop-down choices were opening in a very jumpy way...

Please help.
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  1. If there is no virus/malware then i think its HDD. Sometime old hdd slowing down os. Was your compute fast before re-install win7?

    Also win7 dosnt perform well on single core cpu. But your radeon is not causing slow. Select high performance mode from power option. It may help.
  2. There very well may be some issues with installing Win 7 on older hardware like this, namely, there may be no supported drivers for your motherboard chipset, SATA controller, or onboard video.
    But first, check your system temps, make sure all the fans are running correctly, the system could be throttling down from over heating. Second, did you install all the motherboard drivers for the board after you finished with the Win 7 install? Also could be the wrong SATA drivers are installed causing very slow drive performance. There may not be any Win 7 compatible drivers for your board, in that case, try the Vista compatible drivers if you can find them.
  3. Its driver support and age, your motherboard chipset ATI Radeon Xpress 200P does not have native W7 support, so the best you will get is the one ssupplied during install or use the ones from Vista. By todays standard the single core Athlon 64 3200+ is getting long in the tooth and should be left to run XP and your HDD will only be SATA150.
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