How much should I spend on a router?

Very slowly I've started adding more wireless devices to my network (started with my dad's computer, have now added a Wii U and laptop) and my 4-5 year Netgear simply isn't keeping up, or maybe even on its last legs. I'm a complete novice when it comes to networking and various "features" that I would want when choosing a router. I do a fare amount of torrenting on a day-to-day basis, and sometimes play Street Fighter online (input latency is extremely important). Here's a list of devices and their location within my home:

PC (wired, some online gaming, torrenting, web browsing, netflix)
Laptop (wireless, web browsing, netflix)
Wii U (wireless, netflix)
2nd computer (wireless, roughly two rooms down, used for netflix and web browsing)

I would prefer not to spend over $100, but if I can get something much better by bumping up my budget, I can be convinced.

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    It also depends on what type of adapters your other equipment has. If you have old G stuff then you most likely will get little benefit to replacing the router.

    I would spend $50-$75 on a midgrade dual band router. The I would use your old router as a AP and run the G stuff on that one. You could spend the extra between the $75 and $100 getting adapters for the other machines if needed.

    I normally stay away with particular recommendation because the vendors change things so that a good router today could be crap tomorrow. The router I like today in your price range is the ASUS RT-53. It has pretty advanced software and if you don't like it you can load dd-wrt on it. Be careful look for routers that say 300-300 or 150-150. This means it has 2 radios. may not matter though if you do not plan to use 5g band.
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  3. Thanks for the quick and informative reply! Newegg has it at $48 after a rebate, and reviewers with similar setups to mine are thrilled with it.

    All the devices in my home should be 801.11n (Wii U, dad's computer, laptop), so no worries there.
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