Asus eee pc 1005p hard disk was changed

I need a help my asus eee pc 1005p netbook's hard disk 250 gb was broken so it was replaced by a new 160 gb hard disk and install windows 7 ultimate on it. everything went fine except for my touch pad and intel VGA. I already tried to download and install different programs:
For the touchpad:
from ASUS website download: ETDWare setup application (ETD8_0_5_3_ps2drv_WHQL and TP-S-13_2_6_1) and also Synaptic (Synaptics_v14_0_16) but still the touchpad won't work!

And for the intel VGA:
VGA-V8_14_10_2117 both from ASUS download center
Intel_VGA_Pineview_Driver_V814_10_2364_for_W7 from intel download center
What should i do? I wanted my touchpad to work and improve my VGA... help! thanks...
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  1. so what happened when you downloaded the drivers from asus?
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